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Last updated December 12, 2005.

March 2, 2005: Max Galleries has been online since July of 2000, adding pictures, Galleries and stars until the site was filled with over 1GB of stuff!  After awhile the site was in need of overhaul, as it was becoming disjointed and very hard to manage.  We tried to do lots of that work behind the scenes, but have now decided to toss it and start again - sort of.

Little by little we'll be bringing the Actor and Actress Galleries back online, and then we'll start on the Singers and Musicians.  Eventually, one of these days, we'll be done!

Thanks for bearing with us through the transition.


What's New?

=New; =Updated; =Reactivated.

December 12, 2005: Reactivated Sammy Kahn Galleries and added VidCaps of "Lenny the Wonderdog."

April 14, 2005: Reactivated David Henrie Galleries and added photos from C.A.R.E. 2005.
April 14, 2005: Reactivated
James Henrie Galleries and added photos from C.A.R.E. 2005.

April 13, 2005: Reactivated Caitlin E.J. Meyer Galleries.
April 13, 2005: Reactivated
Dhylan Meyer Galleries.

April 11, 2005: Reactivated Michael Patterson-Crohn Galleries.
April 11, 2005: Reactivated Michael Petersen Galleries.
April 11, 2005: Reactivated
Ryan Sheckler Galleries, and added DVD VidCaps from "Tony Hawk's Secret Skatepark Tour."

March 25, 2005: Added Adam Taylor Gordon to Max Galleries.

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