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Peter Pan: The Movie Story Book
Lots of Peter Pan books added in this big update!
Peter Pan DVD and Video Release May 4, 2004;
Available for preorder: DVD Widescreen  DVD Full Screen  VHS

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Recent Additions and Pre-Releases - Includes recent additions and pre-releases in movies, music, and books.  Updated April 22, 2004.  While we're renovating here at Max Galleried, check out Young Star News to see a current listing of new and upcoming DVD and Video releases.

The Star Index - ALL the stars, actors and singers, listed alphabetically, with links to their store page.
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The Movie Index - the complete alphabetical list of movies in our store that feature young actors. 
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The Music Store - includes Boy Choir and Classical Music, Popular and Country Music, and Soundtracks.

The Book Store - includes books about young actors, picture books, and books upon which some popular young-actor movies are based.

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Top Sellers for 2003

  DVD Movie Title Star(s)


Local Boys Jeremy Sumpter


Abandoned Tamás Mészáros, Szabolcs Csizmadia, Árpád Sopsits (Foreign Films)
3 Double Parked Noah Fleiss


Return to Innocence Andrew Martin
4 Dream Street Live Dream Street
5 Grandma's House Eric Foster
  Joe the King Noah Fleiss
6 Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets
(Full Screen Edition)
Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Devon Murray,
Hugh Mitchell
  Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her Noah Fleiss
  Flyin' Ryan Andy Weiss
  Skateboard Kid 2 Trenton Knight
7 2 Gether - The Original Movie Michael Cuccione
  A Cry in the Wild Jared Rushton
  The Devil's Playground Simon Burke, Alan Cinis
  Little Secrets Michael Angarano, David Gallagher
  Merlin:The Return Byron Taylor
  MVP 2 - Most Vertical Primate Scott Goodman, Ryan Sheckler


Nicholas Nickleby Jamie Bell, Hugh Mitchell
8 Almost Famous Untitled -
The Bootleg Cut (Director's Edition)
Michael Angarano, Patrick Fugit
  Video Title Star(s)


Dreamland Michael Junior


Dream Street Live Dream Street


The Chippendiddys Kyle Donnelly


My Side of the Mountain Teddy Eccles


Skipped Parts Bug Hall
  Music Title Artist


JMac Jesse McCartney


Stevie Brock Stevie Brock
3 Blue Bird Boys Air Choir


Greg  Raposo Greg Raposo
  Requiem Boys Air Choir
  Dreamland Michael Junior
5 Music Through Heartsongs Billy Gilman
6 Something To Say Joey Pearson
  The Biggest Fan Dream Street
  Dream Street Dream Street
  Libera Libera
  Luminosa Libera
  Musica E La Vita Michael Junior


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Harry Potter 2004 Wall Calendar


Harry Potter 2004 Day-To-Day Calendar


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" (Book 5)

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