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Eric Foster in "Grandmother's House"

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Grandmother's House

(This is the same movie as below, a 2003 re-released version, in 16:9 Wide Screen format.  The "special features" are unremarkable, and not beyond the special features on the older version.)

Grandmother's House (1988) is a surprisingly good low-budget horror/thriller flick.  Motherless David (Eric Foster) and his older sister Lynn (Kim Valentine) go to live with their grandparents after the death of their father.  The mystery starts immediately with a strange woman apparently stalking the kids, until David then finds her tied up in grandpa's freezer!  Who is the strange woman, why did grandpa tie her up?  And do grandma and grandpa have David and Lynn as their next victims?  See the movie to find out!  (DVD Video Captures from this movie are in our Eric Foster Galleries)



Grandmother's House

(This version of the movie in no longer stocked but is available used.  The version of this that we have is actually Full Screen Standard format.)



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