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Full Name: Sammy Aaron Kahn
Date of Birth, Location:
March 14, 1991, Hollywood, Florida.

Sammy Kahn grew up in the Miami, FL, area.  After starring in the title role of "Pinocchio" in his community theater, Sammy and his acting coach set their sights on Hollywood.

Upon his arrival in Los Angeles Sammy was optioned by FOX for their new show, "Malcolm in the Middle."  The exposure led to several commercials and a starring role in another FOX pilot, "Loveland."  In 2002, Sammy played Payton Laird in the TV series "The District" (CBS) episode 'Shell Game.'  Following that, Sammy played Young Doug in "Hidden Hills" (NBC) in episode 'The Birth.'

Sammy scored a lead role in the movie "Beethoven's 5th" in 2003, working alongside Daveigh Chase.  Sammy played Garret, a bright local boy in a small, wacky town, and one of the big Saint Bernard's pals.

Sammy had a guest spot on the critically acclaimed FOX sitcom, "Oliver Beene," episode 'Soup to Nuts' which aired on February 8, 2004.  Sammy played the role of 'Nickname,' one of Oliver Beene's classmates and the boy whose duty it is to assign humiliating nicknames to other students.

Sammy then scored the lead in another boy-and-dog movie, "Lenny the Wonderdog," about a dog implanted with a microchip that gives him special powers, and who engages a young boy, Sammy as Zach Dylan, in conversation and adventure.

As of Fall 2005, Sammy has pulled back a bit on his Hollywood acting and has decided to settle into his high school, enjoy his family, and participate in school sports and friendships.  He still goes to auditions but has throttled back quite a bit.

Notable Credits: (for a complete list of credits see Sammy Kahn's IMDb Listing)
Lenny the Wonder Dog (2004) .... Zach Dylan
"Oliver Beene" playing "Nickname" in episode "Soup to Nuts" February 8, 2004
Beethoven's 5th (2003) .... Garrett
"Hidden Hills" playing "Young Doug" in episode "The Birth" November 26, 2002
"Hidden Hills" playing "Young Doug" in episode "Pilot" September 24, 2002
"The District" playing "Laird's Son" in episode "Shell Game" April 27, 2002

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Lenny the Wonderdog""Lenny the Wonderdog" (2004)  IMDb

Sammy Kahn stars as Zack Dylan, a 12-year-old boy who happens across a dog named Lenny who has been scientifically enhanced with a secret chip that makes him extremely intelligent. Also, Lenny can talk! Together with his best friend Becky Green (Stephanie Sherrin), the trio set about to solve the mystery of what happened to Lenny's master, as well as what has happened to local kids who have been kidnapped.

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"Beethoven's 5th""Beethoven's 5th" (2003)  IMDb

Sammy Kahn stars as Garrett in "Beethoven's 5th," (aka Big Paw: Beethoven 5). In this installment of the Beethoven flicks, Sara (Daveigh Chase), a big-city girl, goes to visit Uncle Freddy (Dave Thomas) in a strange small town. There she meets Garrett (Kahn) and the big dog. Together the foursome solves the mystery of some very old cash discovered by the dog, and of the ghosts who seem to plague the townsfolk.

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