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Ryan DeBoer

Full Name: Ryan DeBoer
Date of Birth, Location:
December 21, 1985, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

Ryan DeBoer started acting at 9 years old.  He has enjoyed a varied and steady supply of work, guest starring on TV programs and in made-for-TV movies.

Notable Credits: (for a complete list of credits see Ryan DeBoer's IMDb Listing)
Dreamcatcher (2003) .... Duncan
Life-Size (2000) (TV) .... Weiner
"So Weird" playing "Bobby" in episode: "Banglebye" (episode # 3.6) 5 October 2000
Winslow Homer: An American Original (1999) (TV) .... Gabe Hill
Darklings, The (1999) (TV) .... Chris 'C.J.' Jackson
Catch Me If You Can (aka Deadly Game) (1998) (TV) .... Nathan Thomas
"The Outer Limits" playing "Young Louis" in episode: "Glyphic" (episode # 4.9) 20 March 1998
"The Sentinel" playing "Young Jim" in episode: "Remembrance" (episode # 3.17) 11 March 1998
"The X Files" playing "Young Billy Scully Jr." in episode: "Christmas Carol" (episode # 5.6) 7 December 1997

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"Deadly Game" (1998)  IMDb

Ryan DeBoer plays Nathan Thomas, a 12-year- old boy who witnesses a gangland murder and is taken into protective custody by down-and-out police detective Norm (Tim Matheson).  But street-smart and mischievous Nathan proves too much for Norm as he makes this a game of hide and seek - with deadly possibilities.

"Life Size" (2000)  IMDb

Ryan has a minor role in this movie playing Weiner, a football teammate of the young female lead, Lindsay Lohan as Casey.  Casey attempts a magic spell to bring her mom back to life, and inadvertently brings her Barbie-like "Eve" doll (Tyra Banks) to life.  Ryan's scenes are at the beginning and end of the movie.

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