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Robert Clark

Full Name: Robert Clark
Date of Birth, Location:
March 14, 1987, Chicago, Illinois.

Robert Clark was born in Chicago and moved to Canada.  His brother Daniel is also an actor.  Like many young actors, Robert got his start in TV commercials.  He rose to fame starring as Zack Greenburg in "The Zack Files" (2000) TV series.  "The Zack Files" has been called "a kids' X-Files", where Zack's wacky paranormal experiences are often also experienced by his best pals Cam Dunleavey (Jake Epstein) and Spencer Sharpe (Michael Seater).

Notable Credits: (for a complete list of credits see Robert Clark's IMDb Listing)
"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High" (2002)TV Series .... Vaughn Pearson
Prancer Returns (2001) (V) .... Ryan Holton
Sex, Lies & Obsession (2001) (TV) .... Ryan Thomas
"The Zack Files" (2000) TV Series .... Zack Greenburg
"Real Kids, Real Adventures" playing "Zero" in episode: "Explosion: The Christopher Wise Story" 17 June 2000
Switching Goals (1999) (TV) .... Helmet Head

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Robert Clark at the 23rd Annual Young Artist Awards, April 7, 2002.
Robert won the YAA for "Best Performance in a TV Movie (Comedy or Drama): Supporting Young Actor" for "Prancer Returns"

With Gavin Fink

With Gavin Fink

With Michael Patterson Crohn

With Miko Hughes


Robert Clark at the 24th Annual Young Artist Awards, March 29, 2003.
Robert was nominated for Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series, Guest Starring Young Actor for "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High"


With Jake Epstein

With Jake Epstein


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"Teen Celebrity" magazine, February 2001





"Prancer Returns" (2001)  IMDb

Charlie Holton (Gavin Fink) is a new kid in town - new school, no friends, parents recently divorced. The 8-year-old boy learns the town's legend about the girl who discovered Santa's reindeer, Prancer, 10 years ago. In "Prancer Returns" (the sequel to the 1989 movie, "Prancer") Charlie finds an ailing Prancer in the woods, along with a younger buck, Prancer's son. Charlie takes the young deer home and cares for it, preparing the deer to eventually take it's dad's place and join up with Santa's team. Co-stars Robert Clark as Charlie's brother Ryan.

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