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The purpose of "Max Galleries" is to present images of and information about talented youngsters, including young actors and actresses, athletes, and musicians, to commemorate their talent and their work, and for the enjoyment of the stars and their fans.

Max Galleries strives to be different from the plethora of other "teen idol" and young star fan sites on the Internet:

  1. Whenever possible we feature original and unique photographs of our featured stars, mostly through our affiliation with professional photographers but also by providing scans of photos we have purchased through other sources.
  2. Max Galleries features both male and female talented youngsters, some who are very well-known and some lesser-known names.

Unless specifically stated on a star's Homepage, "Max Galleries" web site has no official connection with the stars, their agents, families, film companies, etc.

Terms of Use / Privacy Notice.  Your use of this website signifies your acceptance of the following policies and notices:

Original Photographs on the site are clearly identified and are the copyrighted property of Max Galleries and / or the photographers.  Original photographs from Max Galleries are not to be reposted on any other web site, message board, fan club, usenet newsgroup, or republished for public viewing in any fashion, without prior written consent of Max Galleries or the original photographer.  Violating these terms is copyright infringement and is punishable under the applicable laws.

Video Captures and Scans: All the video captures (VidCaps) on this site are original video captures from VHS tapes or DVDs that Max Galleries has purchased, unless otherwise noted.  All the scans of printed material that are presented on this site are original scans from printed material (magazines, CDs, books, photos, newspapers, etc.) that we have purchased, unless otherwise noted.  Copyrights of video captures and scans of printed materials remain with the original copyright holders.  Site visitors are welcome to download and enjoy any of the VidCaps and scans for their own non-commercial use. This includes posting them to their own web site, fan club, message board, etc.  The exception to this is our Original Photographs as noted above.  We ask that if you use any of our VidCaps or scans on your web site, please keep the filenames intact.  And if you don't mind, please let us know you're using them.  Giving this site a mention or a link would be appreciated.

Linking to this website: Feel free to provide links from your website to this website. Because we periodically move or rename the files on our server, you should link or bookmark ONLY to the Max Galleries Homepage or to any of the Star's Homepages at Max Galleries, as these pages' locations are normally not subject to change. DO NOT LINK directly to Max Galleries' internal Galleries and pictures!  Hot-linking directly to our pictures is a violation of federal law and also violates the Terms of Service of most web hosting companies, including our own.  Max Galleries aggressively pursues such hot-linkers and breaks all such links upon discovery.

Privacy Information / Collecting Personal Information from Visitors: Max Galleries respects the privacy of our visitors and does not collect any personal information from visitors without their knowledge, with the exception of standard logging of visiting IP addresses that is done by all web hosting companies, and cookies used by web page counters for the purpose of determining the number of visitors to the site.  Both the web host's logs and web counter cookies also record the referring domain for all incoming visits.  This is standard practice for any web site you visit.  Your personal information will not be disclosed by Max Galleries to any third-parties unless ordered to do so by law enforcement or other authorities.  We take every reasonable precaution to safeguard the privacy of your information, but we cannot absolutely guarantee to safeguard it against the criminal actions or negligence of third parties.  Your use of this website signifies your acceptance of these policies and notices.

The Store at Max Galleries gives you links to popular online vendors for your convenience.  We hope you will find lots of movies, books, and music to enjoy.  Please understand that Max Galleries cannot guarantee your satisfaction when buying from these sources.  Also, the online vendors may sometimes change their product links or a product may become unavailable, and one of our links may then go to a dead page at the vendor's site.  We apologize for this sort of inconvenience as we try to keep the links as up to date as possible.  Max Galleries has entered into a standard affiliate agreement with as an Associate.  Details of this agreement can be viewed at the vendor's web site.  This agreement allows us to display their logos, provide direct links to their products, and provide search boxes to their site's product inventories.  As part of our agreement with Amazon, Max Galleries may receive a small commission for referral sales made from our site.

Outbound Link Criteria: On each star's Homepage there are outbound links to other sites of interest for that star.  The Max Galleries "Links" page has outbound links to sites that feature many young stars, sites that provide links to other star sites, and links to some of the resources used to create Max Galleries.

Outbound links are selected by the Max Galleries webmaster and staff based on several criteria. First and foremost are links to a star's official web site, personal web site, official fan site, and widely recognized resources such as and

Secondly, outbound links to unofficial fan sites are selected based on these criteria:

  1. The site must be focused on the star and provide original information and / or images of the star.  We see no need to link to numerous sites that are using the same information and images cut-and-pasted from other sites.
  2. The site must not be adult-oriented, have links to adult-oriented material, or in any way portray itself as anything other than a family-oriented site focused on the star or stars.
  3. The site must be up to date and well maintained.
  4. This is the most subjective of the criteria but basically we only link to sites that are visually appealing, easy and fun to view, and will add to the fans' experience of finding out more about the star or stars.

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Max Galleries does not officially represent any of the stars listed on this site, unless otherwise noted. All original photographs are Max Galleries, unless otherwise noted, and may not be reposted, redistributed, or republished in print or electronically or by any means without permission. Site layout, design, original text Max Galleries, 2000-2004, All Rights Reserved. Copyrights of images scanned from newspapers, magazines non-original photos or other printed media, and images captured from video sources, remain with the original copyright holders. NOTE TO WEBMASTERS, MESSAGE BOARD MANAGERS, AND FAN CLUBS - DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO OUR IMAGES - YOUR LINKS WILL BE BROKEN! Please see our Site Notes / Terms of Use for complete details.